Panama Yachting Agent is your one-stop-shop for all your yachting needs in Panama

Panama Yachting Agent is your one-stop-shop for all your yachting needs in Panama

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Providing the highest level of yachting logistics

Panama Yachting Agent is Norton Lilly’s dedicated division that delivers reliability, quality, and peace-of-mind to all their customers. We offer superyacht captains, crews and owners with creative and efficient solutions to all their yachting requirements in both Atlantic and Pacific coasts in Panama. Since 1925, we have been proudly serving in Panama with proven experience that puts us above and beyond our competitors, with offices at both northern and southern ends of the Canal, perfectly positioned to serve the needs of customers.

From Panama Canal transits, navigation permits and pre-arrival arrangements to provisioning, and with bilingual staff available 24/7, our premium yacht services always look to meet standards that reflect our excellence, passion and integrity.

Yacht Services & Concierge

panama canal transits

For over 95 years, Norton Lilly has coordinated expeditious transits through the Panama Canal. As transit agent, our core functions include among others:

Maiden Transit – coordination with vessel owner and the Panama Canal Authority to insure vessels are in compliance for a 1st time passing of the Panama Canal
Pre-Arrival – coordinating with the vessel Master for timely submission of all pre-arrival information within 96 hours pre-arrival as required by the Panama Canal Authority
Booking system – effectively coordinating with our Principals to secure booking slots via 1st period, 2nd period, and 3rd period booking competition
Transit Guarantees – payment to the Panama Canal Authority
• 24 hours Duty Officer and Operations Staff


We encompass the vast portfolio of technical and logistical resources needed to manage the unique demands of a modern mega-yacht.

• Port-Marina Agency services
• Processing of navigation permits
• Immigration clearances and visas (Crew and Passengers)
• Supplies, stores & provisions
• Spare parts and stores – clearance and delivery
• Fuel & Lube Oils
• Fresh Water
• Waste disposal (trash, gray & black water)
• Repairs and maintenance
• Cash advances
• Legal services
• Surveys
• Offices operate 24/7

Concierge and Experiences

There are two coastlines stretching 3,000 miles, connected by the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal. It’s easy to transit from one to the other, multiple marinas, and a multitude of spectacular anchorages making exploration effortless. We as agents can assist to visit every single point of our beautiful Country or to simply enjoy the experience of a lifetime while you stay in Panama.

• Charter flights & helicopter services
• Private security
• Wellness and Beauty Treatments
• Personal Requests
• Flower Arrangements
• Custom / Bespoke / Tailor-made itinerary design
• Private experiences and locations
• Private ocean, land and air transportation
• Exclusive haciendas, villas and lodges
• Crew activities
• Photography and Videography services
• Professional guides and instructors (scuba diving, hiking, biking, sailing, surfing, equestrian, nature, climbing, skydiving, free (apnea) diving, yoga, etc)
• Ground handling services including private VIP lounges

Panama, the bridge connecting continents, is a place where cultures mix and nature flourishes

Panama Anchorages

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EYS Latin American Alliance

We are members of Experience Yacht Service (EYS), a dynamic alliance of elite, independent service providers. EYS provides superyacht captains, crews, and owners with creative and efficient solutions to all their yachting requirements in Latin America.
Our five partners provide yacht agency and itinerary design services for each of our three destinations: Costa Rica, Panama and the Galapagos Islands. Together we are able to facilitate everything from canal transits, navigation permits and port agency services, to adventure-filled, bespoke itineraries.



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Tel.: (+507) 304-4600 /4604 

Mobile: +(507) 6330-4100 (24HRS)



With an experienced bilingual team, characterized by excellent continuous communication 365/24/7 that translates into a degree of reliability, as well as valuing quality, costs and providing immediate response to your concerns, we maintain two offices strategically located at the Atlantic and Pacific Entrance of the Panama Canal:

Howard, Int. Business Park, Building No. 3825, 2nd Floor, Office No. 204. Panama, Republic of Panama.
Tel: (+507) 304-4600 /4604 | +(507) 6330-4100 (24HRS).

Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) Ave. Molten, Building A, 2nd Floor, Office  B 1-5. Colon City, Republic of Panama. 
Tel.: (+507) 304-4600 /4604 | Mobile: +(507) 6330-4100 (24HRS)

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